Day 8

May 6, 2018


This is going to be a short update because we had a glorious zero day. We weren’t intending on having a zero, but when we woke up we found we weren’t quite ready to leave.

The first problem was that our clothes weren’t dry. None of them. We realized too late we should have turned the AC onto heat and that probably would have helped.

My blisters were a bit better except for the one on my heel. It still hurt and wasn’t in a good spot for either of my shoes.

I was also a little distraught to find my right ankle was hurting when I stood on it. It wasn’t swollen, which was a good sign, but had me very worried.

Lastly, our hands were burned. Ok, this was a silly excuse. Honestly, they were probably all excuses and tougher hikers would have just pushed on.

We jumped on the idea of a zero though and didn’t look back. Writing about it now I feel it was definitely the right choice.

We watched Netflix and ate a bunch of food. We used the Keurig machine to heat water so we didn’t have to use our stove fuel. I took yet another bath and shower. My feet revelled at not walking and my sweat glands appreciated the break as well.

I was able to talk to my parents more and they’re sending me some new shoes. I caved and went for the Altra’s like Stanley has. Hopefully the extra big toe box will help stop the blisters, though I’m a tad nervous the new shoes will just cause new blisters elsewhere. We’ll see though. Both of our parents have been so supportive and helpful. So many people have in fact. It’s been so amazing and humbling.

I was also able to plan out some possible itineraries for the next few days depending on how the feet feel. Right now I’m ready to get going again. The excitement is back, and the rest was well worth the day off the trail.

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