January’s Top 5

It’s 2019!!! Wow that’s a crazy thought. I hope everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are in full swing! Just always remember to think of your New Year’s resolution as an encouraging nudge in the right direction, not another reason to hate yourself if you haven’t hit the ground running in perfect form yet.

For instance, two of my resolutions were to get better at writing in my blog, and exploring my city. Yet, here it is already 1/3 of the way through January and very little progress has been made on either front. But I’m here this Saturday morning, enjoying my coffee and giving it a shot. I guess that’s all we can ask from ourselves.

As for exploring the city a little bit more, I’ve got plenty of options. Somewhere on my computer (and hopefully someday soon somewhere on my blog) is a long bucket list of things I want to try in LA. For now though, we’ll just chose five to try this month. Considering that the month is getting close to halfway over, and that I’ll be leaving on the 23rd for a couple weeks, five seems to be a good place to start.

Without any further gibberish, here’s my TOP 5 for Los Angeles this January:

1. Ice Skating at Pershing Square

2. Dog Cafe

3. Vegan Farmers Market

4. Kayak or SUP in Marina del Rey

5. Women’s March on Jan 19

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