The LA Life

Why is it so easy to live in a place for years and not explore all of it? So many times I hear people from big cities say they never bothered to do all of the touristy attractions or take part in any of the events that make their home famous. I lived just 40 minutes outside of San Francisco until I was 19 and never once visited Alcatraz, despite it always being something I really wanted to do.

When I moved to Los Angeles things didn’t change too much. I think I hiked the Hollywood sign and checked out the Santa Monica Pier before settling into a nice routine of studying, working, and dreaming about leaving on my next vacation. Sure there were plenty of things to do around the city, but I’d get to them eventually.

Three years later and that list of things I thought might be fun has only grown. I’ve spent plenty of time traveling around the country or exploring foreign countries, but I still haven’t taken the time to explore all of my new city. One thing that has changed though is my will to get out there and start.

If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Los Angeles feel free to follow along.

Here’s my Top 5 for January!